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Healthcare transformation needs medical, digital and management expertise.
We bring this triad to your business.
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You are a  


It's not easy to be the new kid on the block.

We support YOU from a medical expert point of view by

  • validating the value proposition;

  • validating the business model;

  • measuring the market size;

  • identifying barriers to adoption;

  • identifying further unmet needs and opportunities;

We help to establish an enabling network .

We are the right partner to guide you through the highly complex healthcare ecosystem!

"It always seems impossible until it's done."

Nelson Mandela

Sometimes it's difficult to start. It is easier with a competent partner!

What we do for you
Jane Fulton in "Sudden Death" by Rita Mae Brown
Micaela Seemann Monteiro, MD 
Leading Tele & eHealth Expert

With her multiprofessional teams Micaela has been building hybrid patient journeys by embedding human and digital, remote and onsite touchpoints. These new integrated healthcare models renew the existing ecosystems and increasingly meet the shifting needs of patients and organisations.


She shares her expertise as a:


  • Member of WHO’s Roster of Digital Health Experts

  • Key Expert for tele- and ehealth working with the:

    • European Commission; 

    • European Bank for Reconstruction Development;

    • OECD

    • several private organizations

About me
Tele & eHealth
Powerful enablers of healthcare transformation
Our challenge 

Aging, the increasing burden of chronic disease and health cost explosion are threatening societies.

New challenges require new solutions.

Healthcare has to become preventive, proactive, continuous, personalized and home centric. Its financing must be oriented at outcomes and has to be based on the value it provides to patients and to society.


We will not be able to achieve these goals and make healthcare affordable and sustainable without the power of data and technology.

The entire ecosystem is called upon to actively shape this transformation!

Healthcare transformation needs medical, digital and management expertise to succeed.

"New problems require 

new solutions. We won't be able to solve the big challenges of healthcare without the power of data and digital technologies"


"One great conversation can shift the direction of change forever."

Linda Lambert

Blogs are a digital version of good conversations.

eHealth Blog
eHealth Blog
Get information, reflections and inspiration on healthcare transformation.

A fresh look creates new horizons.

Meet me on stage
Meet me on stage!
Micaela's 2022 speaker's schedule - WIP
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