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Key Knowledge in Digital Health

Digital is revolutionizing health. ūüöÄ It opens up unprecedented opportunities for citizens, governments and businesses.

This two day immersion course took place this November at Ahed by Nova Medical School and was coordinated by me and Jefferson Fernandes. It empowered clinical leaders, managers and entrepreneurs to design the next generation health journey.

With an NPS of 92 (!) we are already preparing next year's edition!!

Participants can look forward to learning from international experts about:

  • Healthcare Challenges

  • Health trends in the digital age

  • Dimensions of digital health (Telehealth, Internet of Medical Things, Software as Medical Device, Data Driven Medicine, AI)

  • Value proposition of digital health

  • Design of a hybrid ‚Äúhealth journey"

  • Legislation and Regulation

  • Ethics and Humanism

  • Challenges in Digital Health Transformation

So, save the date: 16th & 17th of October 2023 in Lisbon!!!

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