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The Future of Health

How has health changed in Portugal? How can we guarantee better care and access to the Portuguese?

These are the topics addressed in the RTP1 documentary "Tudo é Nada sem Saúde".

"The implementation of the SNS in 1979, the increase in the levels of education and the improvement of living conditions explain the significant increase in life expectancy experienced in Portugal in recent decades. However, although the Portuguese today live longer than the average of their European partners, the truth is that they do so in worse health conditions. With a National Health Service whose financial sustainability may be threatened in the future, and with access to health that is universal but far from equitable, there are many challenges to be met if we want to give the Portuguese better health."

I am convinced:

We will only have a chance to win the challenges of access to the right care at the right moment and of sustainability with the help of digital health.

(n.b. in Portuguese; broadcasted 18th October 2021)

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